Kathryn Bernardo, may open letter

Click na click sa mga netizens ang inspiring message ni Kathryn Bernardo sa veteran actor na si Ronaldo Valdez matapos umere ang finale ng hit Netflix series nilang “2 Good 2 Be True.”

Talagang hindi nakalimutan ni Kathryn handugan ng bonggang pa- tribute si Ronaldo na gumanap na Lolo Sir sa nasabing Kapamilya serye at nag-post ang dalaga ng litrato nila ng premyadong aktor sa Instagram kalakip ang open letter niya para sa tinawag niyang “idol”.

“My dearest lolo sir, I don’t know where to begin… but maybe let’s start with a fun fact? I’ve been your greatest fan since ‘Cedie’ and ‘Munting Paraiso.’ Whenever people asked me, ‘Sino dream mo makatrabaho?’, my immediate answer would be ‘Mr. Ronaldo Valdez.’

“Fast forward to 2021, it seemed like God answered my prayer because you agreed to do this project with us. You probably have no idea how much it meant to me and how excited I was,” sabi ng dalaga.

“I was sooo nervous! I tried to remain as calm as possible, and started to make small talks with you in between set ups (I’m not sure if you noticed that). End of cycle 1, I really wanted to ask you for a photo but I was too shy. So I told myself, bawi na lang ako in the next one!” dagdag pa niya.

“I tried to get to know you day by day, cycle per cycle, then whoosh! We just clicked. I had no idea you were as matakaw and into sweets just like me! And ooops, pareho din tayo iyakin. Hahaha! God knows how much I enjoyed doing every scene with such brilliant and genuine actor like you, Tito Ron. Sometimes I need to wake myself back to reality because I realize nanonood na lang ako sa ‘yo sa scene,” sabi pa ni Kathryn.

Pagbabalik-tanaw pa ni Kath, “As I was preparing, I had no idea that you were waiting for me via Zoom to give me much-needed support for that very special scene. You delivered your lines virtually as we shot the scene just to be sure I deliver the right emotions. You have no idea how much I appreciate that, Tito Ron. Ali wouldn’t be effective without lolo sir. I wouldn’t have been able to do every single scene if not for your support. … I love how much you surprise us every scene kung ano gagawin mo and we just ride along,” dagdag pang pahayag ng award-winning actress. I didn’t expect to be so close to you. Thank you, thank you. I’m crying (again) as I compose the message because I realize this is it… It’s finally over. I won’t get to see and hear your laugh every morning, I won’t get to hug you as often, I won’t be able to hear Nieva coming to me saying, ‘Ano raw snacks mo, sabi ng lolo mo?’ I won’t be hearing Deej (Daniel) telling me, ‘Wag kung anu-ano pinapakain mo kay Tito Ron! ‘Yan ka na naman.’ I won’t get to go to your dressing room just to hug you whenever I feel sleepy or moody, I won’t be able to help you with your phone anymore whenever you get confused, I won’t get to eat all the yummy meals with you as often. I won’t get to do scenes with my favorite person anymore.’ BUT! As they always say, no goodbyes. The memories we shared for a year will always be in my heart. You know that I will always be here for you, right? Kung makulit si Ali, mas makulit si Kath. I will always protect you and check on you (because we always want what’s best for you). Seeing you happy make us all happy (I’m saying these on behalf of your ‘trusted circle’),” mensahe pa ng dalaga kay Ronaldo Valdez.

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