Good paint critical for ideal building

As painting remains at the top of the mind when it comes to beautifying homes and edifices, a manufacturer of paint products urges families and developers to choose reliable, cost-efficient, and functional brands of paints.

According to Derrick Tan, founder, and CEO of Magna Prime Chemical Technologies Inc., paints remain to be the choice in decorating homes and houses.

“In the Philippines, the majority still decorate houses using paint and that’s the way we try to decorate our house unlike in other countries that uses wall claddings and different kinds of claddings or wood that they can use to decorate their house,” he said during his interview with the Daily Tribune’s digital show Straight Talk.

That is why, he said, citizens should put into consideration the quality of paint they will use.

“Because of house paint’s popularity, they should use paints that are economical, durable, and functional. Most families usually consider only prices as the most sought-after, are the cheapest brands but we must also consider if those paints last because it’s too costly if you will repaint your house after a year or two.

Functional use
Also, we must take into consideration the functionality. Is it done only for aesthetics or with waterproofing technology? Stuff like that. We must ponder the need to paint our houses,” Tan explained.

Tan’s company is the proud maker of Sinclair Paint, one of the world’s pioneer and trusted brands of paint solutions, which made a comeback in the Philippines with its new generation of paint products, set to usher in a modern system that will share further exquisiteness and protection to every Filipino home.

“At Sinclair, what we try to consider is durability and functionality. Those are our number one priority, then we will adjust to the cost later on because it doesn’t make sense for Sinclair to sell a product that is economical but doesn’t perform the customer’s expectation,” Tan said.

“One product that we are proud of that we launched is the Natica waterproofing paint. It has a waterproofing function, at the same time, it’s a paint that has aesthetic effects for functionality. When it comes to durability, it can last you 3-5 years or more than so, and it is cost-efficient for house owners. Since it’s already waterproofing, you don’t need to waterproof it anymore,” according to Tan.

Tan also bared that all Sinclair paint products that were released in the market are now water-based, the first of the companies that eliminated all kinds of solvent in paints.

“We can use water-based in almost all paints. So, our entry product is Natica, which is acrylic based, and then next is polyurethane-based and silicone based. Also, Sinclair does not only protect concrete houses but as well those that are made of wood and steel,” he said.

Water-proof building
Sinclair Natica Waterproofing Paint is a modified pure acrylic used as a waterproofer, primer, sealer and topcoat.

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