Twitch bans True Geordie

PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF TRUE GEORDIE BRIAN ‘True Geordie’ Davis will no longer be allowed to stream on Twitch following his Islamophobic attack.

Popular podcaster Brian “True Geordie” Davis was slapped with a ban by Twitch following his Islamophobic attack directed at his fellow social media star Andrew Tate.

Known for his nearly 2 million subscribers on YouTube, True Geordie went viral last week after he made a stereotypical comment about Tate, who recently converted to Islam.

“I would gladly blow myself up if I could take him with us. I am just saying if he really wants to prove it, do the right thing,” Geordie told the fan, who asked him if he is ready to fight Tate.

The clip of the podcast quickly spread like wildfire that prompted True Geordie’s sponsor Gymshark to cut its partnership with him.

In his latest YouTube video, the podcaster addressed the issue head-on and explained what made him say such.

“I have recently made a joke online and it caused the reaction of upset. People are not happy with it. Just to give context for it, an old friend recently claimed he joined Islam,” True Geordie said at the start of the video.

“Given his previous statements that absolutely contradict what Islam is about, I definitely did not believe a lot of what I was hearing from the Internet. I made a joke in questioning that newfound faith of his that conveniently comes at a time he needs as many supporters as he can get.”

While True Geordie gave his reasons for what led to the verbal attack, he nevertheless apologized for the stereotype he made in front of his millions of followers.

“It was a stupid joke. When I said that out loud when I am aware of it, horrendous. I used an unrealistic stereotype to take aim at someone who seriously dislikes me,” he stated.“Obviously, I do not believe that is what Muslims actually do and I do not want Mr. Potatohead to die as much as I do not really like him. It was a stupid thing to say.”

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