Grab: Riders Cebu rap staged

Grab Philippines over the weekend refuted claims of alleged unfair and maltreatment of its delivery riders, adding that recent protests were only staged to malign its acquisition of motorcycle ride-hailing firm Move It.

“We are reaffirming our long-standing commitment to empowering its partners across the Philippines, and we are fully motivated to find ways in ensuring that our partners still earn meaningfully from the platform despite a very tough economy,” Grab said in a clarificatory statement.

“Based on our records, several of these individuals — who have posed as Grab delivery partners, are not Grab delivery partners. These individuals are determined to sow discord and discontent and are willing to place the livelihoods of many Grab partners at risk.”

The TNVS firm also reiterated that the business model of motorcycle taxis is “far different from deliveries, and asserting that these issues in deliveries are applicable with motorcycle taxis is incorrect and misleading.”

Last 10 November, an event in Cebu had several groups of riders protesting the alleged unfair treatment of Grab to its delivery partners.

Move It independent

On Friday, Digital Pinoys National Campaigner Ronald Gustilo maintained that “the protests launched by its delivery riders further prove that Grab is not fit to join the motorcycle taxi industry.” Digital Pinoys is a network of digital advocates.

Grab, however, assured that Move It continues to operate independently — with separate sets of driver benefits, support measures, and benefits from delivery partners.

For its part, Move It reiterated that Grab’s acquisition of its operations does not warrant the latter’s re-entry into the bike taxi industry. It said it remains the third motorcycle taxi operator in the country, underscoring that the two entities continue to operate separately.

According to the Move It chairman Francis Juan, Grab will only help Move It scale its existing motorcycle taxi fleet of fewer than 1,000. It will add at least 6,000 more partner riders to maximize its allotment of 7,000 riders in the pilot study.

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