Wellness must-do’s

It is the little things that count most. They add up to the totality of your daily habits. Ultimately, it defines your lifestyle.

Why is that? Well, for the simple reason that when your doctor finds something in you that needs fixing, the first advice he will give you is to alter your lifestyle. Sum up the good habits and you can stay away from maintenance medications. Or total the bad habits and you find yourself with a prescription-filled daily routine. This is not to frown upon medicines. They can save, extend, and improve the quality of your life. The whole point here is self-empowerment. You and I must be proactive about our health. A healthy lifestyle begins with our choices. And if your wish is to feel and look better, then it’s time to make some changes. Here are random everyday health and beauty matters that might interest you:

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quality, nutrient-dense foods are imperative.

Better complexion

Begin from the inside. It always does. Drink a full glass of water with a squeeze from a wedge of fresh lemon. Or place two drops of potent Doterra Lemon essential oil in a glass of tepid water. Drink up on an empty stomach each morning before breakfast. Note: You may do this ritual before bedtime if you wish. (Doterra Help Line: 09391228780, Espie)

Sweat it out. You need to perspire. This is the easiest way to do inner cleansing. Toxin removal is assured through the sweat glands. Go for cardiovascular exercise like walking, jogging, running, dancing daily. Get your blood circulation going.

Steam baths. While steaming is wonderful for the circulation, too many steam baths can and hot showers can remove the oils from the skin.

Avoid strong soaps with harsh chemicals. Try a milder version.

Regular movement improves body toning and strength.

Moisturize. For those with dry skin, listen up. The best moisturizer is water-based so it does not clog up the pores Follow the basic skincare guidelines: Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize. For the men, use a protective shaving cream to avoid hurting your skin.

Hydrate. Drink 10 to 15 glasses of water daily. This is non-negotiable.

Eat more veggies. The more leafy greens, the better.

Supplement with vitamin C. Take anywhere from 500mg-3,000 mg daily. Ask your dermatologist.

Improved vitality

Breathe. Most of us have the tendency to do shallow breathing. Do deep breathing exercises. A simple arms outstretched on the inhale can give your lungs a good oxygen boost.

Nutrition. Energy comes from nutritious food we eat. The opposite is true. Thus, quality, nutrient-dense foods are imperative. If all you eat is processed, then your energy levels will be compromised.
And so is your immune system. What we put into our bodies has a dramatic impact on our health. Consider: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, skinless poultry, non-fat and low-fat dairy, seeds and nuts.

Exercise. Your body needs to move. Regular movement improves body toning and strength. Choose a low-impact workout for starters.

Sleep. No sleep equals no energy. Put in your seven to eight hours worth of quality sleep. Try to be in bed by 11 pm.

Relaxation. There are numerous ways to relax. Recharge through music, reading, meditating, a nature trek, a garden stroll. Follow your feelings.

Seek your serenity

Stop. You need to simply stop what you are doing for a while. When you feel stressed out, know the warning signals — shortness of breath, headaches, mild palpitations, flutter in your tummy, restlessness, irritability.

Sanctuary. A place of stillness is all you need. Someplace quiet is good. Pick a spot. Go there whenever you feel overwhelmed. Embracing your silence leads to inner peace.

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