CHR condemns threats against TV5 journalist, host

CHR condemns threats against TV5 journalist, host

The Commission on Human Rights on Wednesday condemned the threats received by TV5 journalist Ed Lingao and host Lourd de Veyra, saying that any threats or allusions to harm the lives of journalists 'cannot be taken lightly.'

This, after an individual named Seth Corteza made a threat online against Lingao and de Veyra saying that they will be the next victims of assassination, referencing the ambush that killed the radio broadcaster Percy Lapid, according to the reports received by CHR. 

The independent human rights institution said that they are actively working for the security of the media through their helpdesks and public safety.

"We shall endeavor to reach out to the involved and explore preventive measures, through our Investigation Office, offer assistance as well as a quick response mechanism that will look into the veracity of threats, among others," CHR's statement said.

CHR called on the government's efforts to address the said threats and take proactive measures to stop the media attacks. 

"We look forward to their efforts to look into this matter and similar cases of media rights violations committed in the country," CHR continued. 

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