YAWI: Life of ECHO party

YAWI: Life of ECHO party

ECHO country manager Mitch Liwanag marveled at how Tristan "YAWI" Cabrera has blossomed from being a trash-talking professional Esports player to a team captain who is doing his best to make himself and his team better.

One of the fan-favorite tank users touted as the best roamer in the Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines, Yawi used to be known for his brash personality on social media and trash-talking during competitive play.

But Liwanag stressed that the 20-year-old gamer had matured tremendously.

"He (YAWI) started as a trash talker," Liwanag said.

"Right now if you can see how he develops himself, he is influencing people to be better. Many struggles came in YAWI's way but he handled it very well."

YAWI used to be part of Nexplay's Big Three together with Renejay "RENEJAY" Barcarse and John Paul "H2wo" Salonga before he transferred to ECHO in MPL Season 9, citing that it must be done for his growth as a player.

Partnered with M2 Mobile Legends world champion and Most Valuable Player Karl "KarlTzy" Nepomuceno and former TNC standout Frediemar "3MarTzy" Serafico, ECHO was hailed as a super team in Season 9.

Unfortunately for them, they suffered a major disaster and got booted out of the Playoffs.

The setback, however, had little effect on YAWI's confidence as he now leads the ECHO squad as its team captain.

His strategic genius was on full display on Week 6 when he shot a massive backdoor play to sweep Bren Esports.

Liwanag said YAWI is the type to learn from his mistakes and is the life of the party in their everyday lives.

"When it comes to mistakes, he admits it right away," she said.

"He is the strongest influence (on cam) and off cam, he is the one that makes us happy in the bootcamp. You will know when YAWI is not around when the house is not noisy. I am very glad to have YAWI, he brings joy to our team."

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