LTO OK with motorcycle taxi law

5 days ago

The Land Transportation Office sees no problems with the law on motorcycle taxis as there is a need to address the present shortage in public transportation.

Lawyer Alex Abaton, the legal special assistant to the LTO assistant secretary, said at Wednesday’s Kapihan sa Manila Bay Forum that motorcycle taxis meet the daily needs of commuters for quick transportation.

“As we progress, this kind of transportation comes out. As we all know very well, our public mass transportation is not as efficient as we want it to be. However, these motorcycle taxis could be a stop gap measure while the government is still building up more roads and trains,” Abaton said.

However, the LTO official said that all safeguards and requirements should be followed by both driver and back rider, as provided for in Republic Act 10054, or the Motorcycle Helmet Act.

LTO requirements for motorcycle taxis include the registration of the motorcycle, licensing of the driver, and observance of certain protocols that will ensure the safety of both driver and rider.

Primo Morillo of Passenger forum group said studies on motorcycle taxis show the viability of the business side of this enterprise and the safety of this mode of transportation.

Morillo said reckless drivers should be penalized and not given a license once they intentionally and frequently violate traffic laws.

“In fact, we are 100 percent supportive of the implementation of the non-contact apprehension policy that became a disciplinary tool to bad driving habits committed mostly by motorcycle and tricycle drivers,” he explained.

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