PHL, U.S. end ‘Balance Piston’ exercises

Photo courtesy of Special Forces Regiment Airborne, Philippine Army.

The interoperability skills of the Special Forces of the Philippines and the United States have now improved with the conclusion of a month-long “Balance Piston 22-3” bilateral exercises.

The Philippine Army’s Special Forces Regiment and the US Army-Special Operations Command Pacific earlier commenced their bilateral exercises on 15 August and concluded Tuesday geared towards enhancing the interoperability of the Philippines-US elite Special Forces.

The training was packed with practical exercises in long-range marksmanship, combat marksmanship, close-quarter combat, small unit tactics, unconventional warfare and maritime operations.

18SFC commander Capt. Jefferson Nobleza said the bond and brotherhood between the Philippines and US special forces have developed throughout the bilateral exercises.

“My men were able to work with you shoulder to shoulder despite language barriers. And beyond acquiring new techniques and tactics, I’ve seen them mature as they’ve displayed a commitment to accomplishing the mission of given scenarios. Truly, we have a better chance of solving complex problems if we seamlessly work together,” Nobleza said.

Special Forces Regiment deputy regiment commander Col. Rosendo Abad Jr. graced the training culmination through a full mission profile ceremony in Rizal, Palawan.

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