AboitizPower creates better world with holistic energy transformation


5 days ago

In pursuit of accelerating the Aboitiz Group’s transformation as the Philippine’s first Techglomerate, AboitizPower (AP) is moving towards the future armed with a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) of “Transforming Energy for a Better World.”

According to AboitizPower Chief Corporate Services Officer Carlos Aboitiz, in the recently-held launch of AP’s MTP, the company envisions a future where energy is abundant, poverty doesn’t exist, and environmental sustainability is given utmost priority.

In the Philippines today, while environmental sustainability remains a challenge, energy is scarce, expensive, and adversely impacting the environment. Also, two out of 10 of its citizens live below the national poverty line, with many living with limited economic opportunity.

“We are working towards uplifting the lives of Filipinos and creating a better world by providing a more stable power system and pursuing renewable energy. We currently have 1000 MW disclosed RE projects,” Aboitiz said.

He added that everything that AP is aiming to achieve is aligned with the Aboitiz Group’s Great Transformation 2025.

Great power, great responsibility

During its event last September 1, AboitizPower President and CEO Manny Rubio said the MTP recognizes that humanity requires “a just energy transition” that contributes to socio-economic development, especially with the past two decades of massive changes in areas like climate action, global connectivity, and population growth.

It also recognizes that AP — given that one in every five megawatts of installed capacity in the Philippines flows from them — has the size, scale, and influence to significantly transform the country’s power industry.

“AboitizPower will take an active role in innovating the country’s energy system to be the change the world needs,” Rubio pointed out. “We have the opportunity of contributing to policies, pioneering generation technologies, and modernizing power distribution. And we do not take this lightly. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility.”

He added that the MTP not only focuses on the company’s “why” but also, more importantly, on its “who” as all of AP’s efforts boil down to its desire to help create a better world for communities, customers, the country, and, essentially, families.

“All of this is for them. A testament to our hundred-year-old Aboitiz pledge of “Advancing Business and Communities” to help uplift and empower every Filipino, and in the long run, create a better world,” Rubio said.

Towards a great change

Driven by its MTP, AP will use its generation capabilities, distribution utilities, and another diverse fleet of assets, both in renewable and thermal capacities, to help power the nation as it transitions towards a cleaner energy system. During this significant change, AP is poised to triple its renewable energy portfolio, shift its baseload power from coal to gas, and develop new complementary solutions by exploring carbon capture technologies to help the country decarbonize more efficiently. AP is looking to build at least 3,700 MW of RE under its name as part of its 50:50 balanced energy portfolio of RE and thermal power by 2030, allowing the company to address concerns on energy security and sustainability.

“On this path, Filipinos can have reliable electricity 24 hours a day, allowing children to study undisturbed in the evening. Young entrepreneurs can open small businesses like sari-sari stores, and fisherfolk can have ice to keep their fish fresh for the trip to the market,” Rubio said.

“These are just some real-life milestones that many can attain with our help.”

Up to the challenge

Aboitiz admits that transitioning to a sustainable energy source will take place against a challenging socio-economic backdrop, especially in risk-averse developing countries like the Philippines with limited resources. However, AP is resolved to embrace and carry out its MTP fully.

“We are up to the challenge,” Aboitiz said. “The stakes for future generations – our kids, our grandkids – are too high.”

“We see opportunity in a crisis. Where there are big problems, we see a worthy mission to dedicate our careers and lives to,” he added. “Our purpose is our commitment to this. AboitizPower will light the way forward for others to follow. We will transform energy for a better world.”

Throughout this journey, AboitizPower’s values of Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation, Responsibility, and Service Excellence remain the roots that firmly guide the organization in everything it does. Powered by sustainability and innovation and driven by fortified human capital, there’s no stopping the company now in its pursuit of the future it envisions.

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