Art installation plays with time

AWON Museum and Gallery in Jeollabuk-do, South Korea.

5 days ago

A part from its traditional 250-year-old hanok, the cultural complex Awon has an art gallery that houses contemporary installations and limited pieces of art.

The complex cultural space located in Jeollabuk-do, South Korea has been host to many thought-provoking works including those currently of the artist Oma from the art and design studio, Oma Space.
Time Drop is an immersive and meditative installation that creates organic solitary moments, an invitation to transcend our own state of mind.

It uses a textile dome (measuring 230 centimeters in diameter and 250 centimeters in height) that slowly descends to encapsulate the individual inside it for five minutes. The participant is given headphones with sound to put on while being immersed in total darkness.

THE Awon cultural complex is home to not only a hotel and museum but also a coffee shop.

The dome is made from sambe (hampe), a traditional textile fiber used to make clothing for commoners before cotton was introduced to Korea in the late 15th century.

“For years I’ve been interested in working on projects that help people be in a situation where they can be totally immersed in their mind and experience authentic transcendence,” she continued,” Oma tells Korea Joongang Daily.

Time Drop marries Oma’s previous installations Tree of Light in 2019 and Slow Walk in 2020.

‘COSMOS — indigo series’ (2019, 2022) 570 x 960 mm.

Oma’s other works on display at Awon Museum and Gallery is Cosmos — indigo series (2019, 2022) 570 x 960 mm, “pointillism” made of Hanji papers on hemp canvas.

Time Drop will be exhibited until 31 December.

The gallery is open from noon to 4 p.m. It closes at 5 p.m. Ticket is priced at 10,000 won (P400).

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