Job fair benefits illegal recruitment victims

Photo courtesy of Department of Migrant Workers | Facebook

September 18, 2022

The Department of Migrant Workers held a special job fair on Saturday for job seekers who are victims of large-scale illegal recruitment.

This follows the arrest of an alleged illegal recruiter inside the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) Building in Mandaluyong City, where at least 109 victims were also present to file a case.

The alleged recruiter was identified as Vegloure Ragotero. Others were identified as Zahra Kaharudin, Alma Camasura, Maria Katherine Omambat, Connie Cosmod, and Goldie May Pandian who were caught outside a hotel in Pasay City on 4 August.

Migrant Workers Secretary Susan Ople ordered to organize the event, which also provides free legal assistance to those who intend to file cases against their illegal recruiters.

The job fair was participated in by licensed recruitment agencies, where approved job orders are offered for cleaners, carpenters, housekeepers, kitchen and restaurant workers, and hairdressers to be deployed in New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

Ople said there were 17 recruitment agencies participating and they received a total of 757 applications.

According to Ople, 121 of those were deemed qualified and 607 were scheduled for further interviews, while one was hired on the spot.

She said they will hold job fairs for victims of illegal recruitment and trafficking in persons on a regular basis.

The majority of the job seekers are victims of large-scale illegal recruiters from Davao City, who have been apprehended thanks to the collaboration of the police, local government units, and the DMW’s Anti-illegal Recruitment Branch.

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