Lexus Design Award 2023 presents judges and mentors

Photographs courtesy of Marton Perlaki, Nikola Blagojevic/Spektroom, SanderPlug, Mark Cocksedge, and Lou Jasmine lexus Design Awards 2023 mentors and judges (from left) Paola Antonelli, Karim Rashid, Simon Humphries, Marjan van Aubel, Joe Doucet, Yuri Suzuki, and Sumayya Vally.


September 17, 2022

Lexus Design Awards 2023 welcomes back Joe Doucet as mentor and Paola Antonelli and Simon Humphries as judges, all of whom are drawn by the inspirational experience of interacting with up-and-coming creators through the said program. Lexus is also thrilled to announce the addition of Karim Rashid as judge and Marjan van Aubel, Yuri Suzuki, and Sumayya Vally as mentors for this year’s event.

These giants of the design world share the global design vision of nurturing and supporting promising creators and will work together to create a better tomorrow.

To accomplish this vision, mentorship by the world’s leading creators has always been the heart of the Lexus Design Award’s ever-evolving program. The newly streamlined and expand Lexus Design Award 2023 mentoring experience will begin with four award winners chosen to receive the opportunity of a lifetime-being mentored by world-renowned designers. With four winners, the mentors will be able to engage in richer discourse to encourage creative growth through personalized advice while guiding each project closer to maturity.

Doucet, award-winning multidisciplinary designer who has mentored emerging talent in the program since the 2020 edition, commented: “Being with the Lexus Design Award program for three years as a mentor, I have gained some perspective as to the unique benefits of the structure of the program. From a mentor’s perspective, we get to watch the blossoming of talent before our eyes. I am so grateful to take this role in what is a truly rewarding experience where we all benefit by working and growing together.”

Doucet brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his mission of inspiring and guiding the winners. Through his ongoing refinement of the mentoring process, he continues to earn the gratitude of the participants.

Antonelli, senior curator of architecture and design at MoMA, New York, is another indispensable figure in the Lexus Design Award story with whom the program’s goals resonate. Since the award’s establishment in 2013, she has kept a watchful eye on the program while welcoming the stimulating experience of interacting with fresh talent, and will once again share her bold perspectives and insights as a member of the judging panel. Her deep concern with design’s responsibilities and possibilities informs her perception of creative potential in the next generation of designers.

Humphries, head of Toyota and Lexus Global Design, will again serve as a judge, representing Lexus’ pursuit of Design for a Better Tomorrow.

Karim Rashid’s legendary work straddles the spectrum from industrial design to interior design. With more than 4,000 designs in production across more than 35 countries, the global designer is in high demand for collaboration with famous brands. As a judge, Karim will join Antonelli and Humphries in their quest for the creators of a better tomorrow.

In appreciation of the opportunity to collaborate with the Lexus Design Award, Rashid said, “It is an honor to review such a vast body of work and ideas in the promotion of design as the definitive shaper of the future and culture.”

Sumayya Vally stated, “I am honored to be a part of the Lexus Design Award mentor team, and to support and nurture the creative empowerment of the next generation.”

These three creators will join fourth-time mentor Joe Doucet, to form a dynamic team to steer the next generation of creators. Their diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise will make the mentorship program a deeper experience than ever. Lexus is looking forward with confidence to mentor-mentee collaborations pursuant of a better future. After three months spent developing and refining the four winning concepts, winners will present their work in the Spring of 2023.

Lexus Design Awrd 2023 is open for entries through 16 October. For more information, visit

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