Who’s afraid of cholesterol?

September 16, 2022

While the topic of cholesterol remains debatable, let’s look at both sides of the argument. Before we start, let us attempt to answer the question: Is cholesterol bad for you?
Let’s clarify separate myth from fact.

1. The human body needs cholesterol to perform certain body functions.
2. In everything we eat or drink, there is cholesterol.
3. Not all cholesterol are bad. There are types considered essential for good health. There is HDL or good cholesterol, and LDL or bad cholesterol. The higher the HDL level, the better protection you have from developing heart disease.
4. You are not aware of high cholesterol levels in the early stages.
5. You can reverse your high cholesterol conditions through major lifestyle changes.

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of unsplash/anna pelzer
Eat more plant-based foods. Increase intake of fresh vegetables and fruits.

1. Foods high in cholesterol will not affect your cholesterol levels.
2. You cannot reverse your cholesterol problems.
3. Your lifestyle choices do not affect your cholesterol count.
4. You can have your cheat day often if you make up for it the next day.

Should you or shouldn’t you?
Let’s accept this one truth: Cholesterol helps build healthy cells, manufacture hormones, and digest food. However, too much of it can ruin your health and lead to heart attacks or a stroke.
So how do you know when too much is more than the limit?
The challenge is as simple as whether we eat one egg or three eggs a day. Ultimately, we set the healthy limits for ourselves. And if we need professional help, ask a physician. Moderation is the key. Try not to overdo anything, whether it is consuming steak or pork.
Here are ways to increase HDL and lower LDL.

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Try not to overdo anything, including consuming greasy food.

• Stop smoking or vaping.
• Exercise daily. Do not embrace a sedentary life. Stay active and mobile.
• Control alcohol intake. Drink minimally.
• Get adequate amounts of sleep.
• Rest if you are tired.
• Manage stress levels. Find ways to calm the mind and spirit.
• Eat more plant-based foods. Increase intake of fresh vegetables and fruits.
• Increase fiber intake.
• Eat more foods cooked in garlic or take garlic oil supplements.
• Consider the supplement Berberine, a substance found in plants and herbs that may lower cholesterol and sugar levels.
• Take Niacin, a vitamin B compound that may lower cholesterol levels.
Affirmation: “I declare only the best for myself — beginning today.”
Love and Light.

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