Gearing up for Int’l Human Rights Festival


September 16, 2022

DAKILA and its Active Vista Center are gearing up to put together the 10th edition of the Active Vista International Human Rights Festival in time for the 50th anniversary of the declaration of martial law in the Philippines.

This year’s theme, Visions x Movements, marks the new chapter in the nation’s stories and the ways to move forward amid a new Marcos presidency.

“We challenge the writing of our history and seize the way we close its pages. Our chapter is beautiful, for the chapter we write is of our struggle — to envision a nation out of darkness and to navigate in an ocean of despite-ofs, in-spite-ofs, and countless even thoughs,” Active Vista Int’l Human Rights Festival director Alex Poblete said.

In the relentless pursuit of historical truth and integrity, the Active Vista International Human Rights Festival will be having the Philippine premiere of the documentary film 11,103 by filmmakers Mike Alcazaren and Jeannette Ifurung, which features survivor stories during the martial law years of the late Ferdinand Marcos.

Since its conception in 2018, Active Vista International Human Rights Festival has screened over 326 films, organized 96 forums, partnered with 577 organizations, and reached 361,025 audiences in sparking crucial conversations on human rights, history, and democracy.

“The challenge of our time is clear. We face new battles in an old war and wield new powers from our old arsenals. The task is to march to the rhythm of a different drum — and when we hear the singing of the new songs of old struggles — we ask ourselves to revel in the vision and to dance to the movement for truth, justice and humanity,” Poblete said.

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