Parting shots

Online shopping can make wedding preparations budget-friendly.

TikToker @littlemiss_madison went to a bridal store last month and tried on a white gown, New York Post reported. But its price tag of $2,000 made her decide to order a more affordable alternative online, despite the risk of not being able to personally see and fit it first.

Madi’s order arrived last month in an unusual wrapping. The pink and blue dress (her preferred colors) was not boxed. Instead, she got a basketball-shaped package covered with probably a whole roll of packaging tape.

It took the bride-to-be quite some time to remove the sticky tape with a small pair of scissors plus a lot of care to avoid cutting the fabric inside the black plastic wrap before finally unwrapping the gown.
She recorded the unboxing, posted the video on her TikTok page and it went viral by getting 25 million views.

Madi also received a lot of ridicule for getting a “Christmas ham” and for wearing a “bed comforter” based on the photos of the package and the dress that she posted on TikTok. The bride was happy though based on the funny comments as the gown was not that bad.

For a Cebuano couple preparing for their October wedding, the now trendy prenuptial photo shoot was for posterity and for social media views.

Neftaly Mangubat and Michael Vincent Cortez based the theme of the wedding pictorial on their undying love for each other, according to GMA Regional TV News.

Their chosen color was black. The setting was unusual as the location lacked scenic views unlike the usual prenup shoot on a beach, forest or mountain.

In their zombie makeup and venue — a public cemetery in Lobo — the couple was satisfied that their nighttime shooting met their marriage expectation of “til death do us part.”

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