Mooncakes shine in Solaire

Solaire Resort & Casino came out with special mooncake sets in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival that concluded last 10 September.

These decadent treats that symbolize rich Chinese culture and tradition were available in four variations. They were beautifully packed in a vivid red box that fully opens to images that narrate the much-celebrated folklore.

Its variants were a velvety red bean paste with pistachio nuts; a silken white lotus paste with almonds; double egg yolks enveloped in red bean paste with pumpkin seeds; and double egg yolks with white lotus paste and sunflower seeds.

Apart from the traditional round mooncakes, Solaire also came out with the Snow Skin Mooncakes which are lollipops for added fun. Flavors were mango chocolate snow skin mooncake with mango paste; blue snow skin mooncake with lotus raisin paste with blueberry chocolate; strawberry snow skin mooncake with lotus paste and rum hazelnut chocolate; papaya snow skin mooncake with custard paste and Palette Noir chocolate; and dragon fruit snow skin mooncake with lotus paste and whisky chocolate.

LOLLI-Pop Snowskin Mooncakes.

There were also the Teochew-style mooncakes, a soft and flaky version of the usual snow skin. It’s a dome-shaped, crispy
pastry-like mooncake with egg yolks wrapped in soft taro paste or fragrant ube paste.

Finally, the star of the show was the Solaire x Dalmore King Alexander III and Solaire x Dalmore 25 Years which were limited-edition.

Homemade Traditional Baked Mooncake with Red Bean Paste with Double Egg Yolk and Pumpkin Seeds.

While the purchase period concluded last 10 September, the link to these mooncakes is still up as of this writing. Head on over to

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