Spot shave

Some locks of hair are cuts above the rest.

The hair from one of the greatest American baseball players is worth $11,253 after 10 bids received by New Jersey, USA auction house Leland. The price is expected to rise until the last day of the online bidding for the rare memento on 17 September.

It’s not surprising since the hair belongs to Yankee power-hitter Babe Ruth, who made a Major League Baseball record of 714 home runs that was only broken by Hank Aaron in 1974.

American actor Jason Momoa recently cut his long hair not to sell it to raise money, but rather to draw fans to his Instagram for a peek of his new look, while reading his appeal to stop using plastic bottles and forks.

There’s no disconnect to the stunt and his advocacy, presented in a video taken at a hairdressing shop where he had a trim after two of his braids were cut.

Momoa is known as the superhero Aquaman in the movie of the same name. Of course, Aquaman’s realm is the ocean which is being polluted by plastic waste. So, in keeping with his screen image as protector of the seas, Momoa hopes to convince fans to stop using plastics, which end up in Atlantic and Pacific waters, choking sea animals that eat the trash.

At the same time, the shaven actor let his fans know that they can patronize reusable aluminum water bottles, like the ones containing the drinking water sold by his company Mananalu, according to New York Post.

Shaving can draw a crowd if a popular personality like Momoa is having such haircut. But two somewhat ordinary guys pulled a similar feat.

In a viral video, one of the men is shown holding a clipper and the other covering his shoulders with a barber’s cape. The first guy then turns on the gadget, which starts to buzz, as he proceeds to shave the other guy’s hair.

As the noisy clipper starts mowing the caped guy’s head, security guards interrupt them.

The video then shows the guards escorting the men off their seats and leading them out of the bleacher at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, ABC News reported.

The tennis court is not a place for grooming services, especially when Nick Kyrgios and Karen Khachanov are playing their quarterfinal game in the US Open tournament.

The disruptive and distractive haircutting, however, was a successful prank pulled by the YouTubers as their followers delightfully watched their outrageous video.

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