ONIC PH explains ChooxTv ouster

PHOTOGRAPH COURTEYS OF CHOOX TV EDGAR ‘ChooxTv’ Dumali gets the boot from Onic PH after failing to comply with the team’s basic requirements.

ONIC PH finally broke its silence over its decision to part ways with Edgar “ChooxTv” Dumali amid the ongoing Season 10 of Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines.

ONIC PH country manager Rafael Sanchez said ChooxTv’s distance from their bootcamp made it difficult for him to comply with some basic requirements that prompted them to let him go.

A popular streamer known for his playful builds and funny exploits such as Layla tank, ChooxTv was ousted by ONIC just two weeks into MPL Season 10 and never even got to play a single game in the tournament.

“Initially, we were messing around. We were like, why not try ChooxTv? Funny enough, he actually wanted to be part of the team,” Sanchez said.

“But the problem was when we asked him to do things like the basic minimum requirements coming from Moonton, it was hard for him to deliver because there were a lot of issues in terms of location.”

ONIC said ChooxTv lives in South Cotabato while the team’s bootcamp is located in Manila which made tasks for both parties nearly impossible to perform.

To make matters worse, the ONIC PH management also had trouble communicating with ChooxTv so they decided to cut ties with him.

In the end, the MPL committee penalized ONIC for violating a rule that prohibits teams from making roster changes during an ongoing season.

Sanchez, however, iterated that they are still willing to work with ChooxTv in the future should the latter get to work around his loaded calendar.

“His schedule is super busy so we had to ask him to give us a three-week leeway just for a picture. He is that busy. At the time he was also having his honeymoon so we could not communicate with him at all,” Sanchez revealed.

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