Elegant faces sexual assault

September 13, 2022

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pro Matt “Elegant” Fitzpatrick is in hot water after several women came out on Twitter alleging his sexual drunken behavior during Esports meet-ups throughout the course of his career.

In a now viral Twitlong post made by Twitter user Shannoniganz last week, the female streamer recalled the time when she had a sexual encounter with the 23-year-old Super Smash star while she was blackout drunk.

“This situation has emotionally exhausted me and caused me overwhelming stress for the past few days. I’m tired. I’m tired of hearing the stories of this person’s drunken antics, enough is enough,” Shannon said in her opening statement.

“I had no reason to believe he would ever take advantage of my trust. We decided to room together at Collision 2022, and we booked a room with two queen beds, and the room ended up being a suite with a living area as well. Plenty of room for two people.”

“On Saturday night, I ended up getting very drunk and drinking something that I never had before, and I ended up blacking out. Long story short, I was drinking jungle juice with Everclear. We had sex. I do not remember most of it. I woke up the next morning feeling disgusted.”

Touted by many as the best Luigi user in Super Smash, Elegant responded to the viral tweet but stated that he only hugged his friend Shannon as far as he can remember and wished that they resolved the issue privately.

“I went to Two Amigos on the last day of Smash Con because I just wanted to unwind and just hang out with my friends there. I did and then Shannon comes up to me and starts talking to me,” Elegant said.

“So we talked and kinda reconnected. We discussed how we still cared about each other and that we didn’t hate one another. It felt genuine. After that conversation we hugged and that was as far as I remember my interactions with her.”

“I really don’t have any ill will towards Shannon, I just wish she would have communicated with me beforehand. Because she was my best friend, she could have definitely talked to me about it and it could have been handled privately.”

But as the Super Smash star tried to put out the fire, two more Twitch streamers SailorMagaTron and KayJetShadow came out alleging a similar incident to the Esports pro.

Elegant has yet to respond to the new allegations against him.

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