DoLE suspends ‘utang-tagging’

September 12, 2022

Department of Labor and Employment Secretary Bienvenido Laguesma on Sunday announced the suspension of the policy by the Professional Regulation Commission contained in Memorandum Order 44 that tags professionals with pending administrative cases and prevents them from renewing their PRC licenses.

Acting chairperson Jose Cueto Jr. and commissioner Erwin Enad signed PRC Resolution 1558 in response to the issue of “utang-tagging,” which was raised by ACT Teachers Partylist Representative France Castro during last week’s congressional deliberation of the DoLE budget.

The PRC prohibits teachers from renewing their licenses under this policy because they have still pending obligations.

Laguesma expressed concern about the “utang-tagging” policy, claiming that it places an undue burden on professionals who are facing administrative proceedings.

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