Call centers in the Philippines and its key competitive advantages


September 11, 2022

It’s no question that delegation fosters more efficient workflow, and in turn, better business results, but what does get questioned is where and how a business delegates tasks. Commonly, repetitive front and back-office tasks are handled within an organization because it seems like less of a risk.

“Though it’s easy to make that assumption, it is actually incorrect and, even more, it’s getting in the way of a massive competitive edge you could create for your business,” said Ralf Ellspermann, CEO of PITON-Global, a leading mid-sized call center in the Philippines.

A business process outsourcing provider or call center has the unique ability to continuously improve their services given their specialization. Their job is to create outstanding customer experiences.

Your business has customer experience on your mind, paired with countless other responsibilities required to not only run your business, but also grow it. With distractions removed, employees at call centers in the Philippines hone their skills, leading to exceptional customer support.

One of the concerns businesses often have regarding offshore outsourcing are language or cultural barriers. After all, no one wants their customers to feel like they aren’t able to be serviced properly.

That leads some businesses to partner with onshore call centers (which are expensive). When it comes to call center outsourcing to the Philippines, you can be rest assured that your customers will receive world-class support through agents with a high level of English proficiency as well as cultural familiarity – which is equally as important as being able to speak the same language.

The pairing of those two necessary advantages is one of the many factors that allowed the Philippines to become the world’s largest contact center outsourcing destination.

“At the end of the day, outsourcing needs to make financial sense. By leveraging call centers in the Philippines, your organization can increase operating efficiencies, enhance customer experience, and save money – up to 50 percent, in fact,” said Ellspermann.

US-based outsourcing providers have much higher operating costs than contact centers in the Philippines. Part of that has to do with pay rates in the US being more than double those in the Philippines, but another contributing factor is the high employee turnover rate in the US.

Replacing employees is expensive and takes away from an organization’s ability to innovate over time which leads to additional support programs of higher quality. Not only does working with a call center in the US cost more financially, but it may cost you better support, as well.

Being the world’s leading destination for call center outsourcing services puts the Philippines, as a country, in a position to foster their BPO industry. That led to unmatched infrastructure for the industry, including telecommunication, real estate, and transportation. Additionally, the industry is enjoying strong support from the government.

Government support means the industry is regulated, thanks to the Data Privacy Act, which ensures data privacy for your business when you partner with a call center in the Philippines.

“The advantages that BPO to the Philippines offers for your business are abundantly clear: you get to reap the benefits of their expertise, you can trust the support your customers will receive, you save money, the infrastructure is unmatched, and you can bank on the security of your data. One thing is crystal clear, call centers in the Philippines are here to stay,” said Ellspermann.

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