Major (fashion) statement

PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF DOOH KAMISETA’S billboard at EDSA Pantaleon Mandaluyong.

September 10, 2022

Billboards link consumers to brands and what they offer. This is a practice that various companies still do, even if ads on social media platforms are prevalent in this day and age.

Among the many billboards motorists and commuters see along the road are from clothing brands.

Take, for example, Bench and its larger-than-life billboards along EDSA-Guadalupe or other clothing brands’ LED advertisements along C5.

Clothing brands advertising their products through billboards are a no-brainer — clothes are meant to be promoted visually — highlighting the fit, color, and style.

PERIWINKLE at New York, Cubao Southbound.

Another factor is spotlighting pieces to spark a new trend. Through billboards, people will be updated on the latest fashion looks that will eventually make a statement.

Digital Out Of Home makes this possible.

Having over 3,700 advertising platforms placed at the most strategic locations and owning a 34,200-square foot billboard display which is the biggest in the country, DOOH knows what it’s doing.

Apart from the giant sizes of its billboards, DOOH makes sure these ads make a statement through creative and impactful visuals.

FOREVER 21 at Ortigas Ave. La Salle.

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