Kuya Kim switches to more accessible and better health

If there’s someone who knows how important health is, it is Kim Atienza.

“I believe in taking our vitamins from the food that we eat, but only up to a certain extent, at a certain age because no matter how nutritious the food you eat, you still need to supplement,” shared Kim Atienza, also known as Kuya Kim, on the importance of food supplementation for middle-aged people like him, during the Watsons media campaign.

In 2010 when he had his first stroke, the TV host confessed that it was due to his unhealthy lifestyle when he served as councilor of Manila from the fifth district, and also when he entered the chaotic and fast-paced television job in 2004.

“I thought that the fitness I had in the 80s would carry through,” he said, recalling his health journey.

Three years later, after recovering from the stroke and finally being able to move, he was diagnosed with
Guillain-Barré, a rare disease that affects the nervous system.

After surviving both

life-threatening situations, the 55-year-old weather anchor changed his routines and focused on his health with ample amount of exercise and consistent intake of the vitamin B complex.

Vitamin B complex directly impacts energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism making it a vital supplement to maintain overall wellness and a healthy nervous system.

Atienza is known to be one of the celebrities who is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys participating in races from biking, running, and even joining triathlons.



When asked what’s his daily routine to keep himself fit? He shared, “I make it to a point that I can swim twice a week, run twice a week.”

“I take my vitamins and supplements every day, especially Vitamin B Complex. With this partnership, I want to tell people that it does not cost a lot to be healthy. Anyone can Switch and Save to Watsons’ Vitamin B Complex, which is of high quality and affordable,” said Atienza.

With prices peaking, Watsons along with its new endorser assured Filipino consumers what Watsons can offer to give cheaper access to both medicine and supplements to provide a healthy lifestyle.
“It’s actually 80 percent cheaper than the leading brand, and for me aside from being an endorser, it is also an advocacy to push cheaper medicine to people who cannot afford medicine,” encouraged Kuya Kim.

Switch and Save encourages everyone to switch to Watsons’ brand essentials to enjoy 80% savings on top-quality products from health essentials, personal care, skin care, baby care, paper goods, and cotton, hair care, and more.

Along with introducing its newest family member, Watsons Philippines celebrates its 20th anniversary and will open its 1000th store in the Philippines before 2022 ends.

“We believe that customers shouldn’t have to put their health aside because of high prices, health essentials should be accessible and affordable for all,” said Jared de Guzman, customer director at Watsons Philippines.

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