Top protection vs Covid-19

Many travelers are looking to avoid contracting upper respiratory tract illnesses as they bounce from country to country. Covidone TS is a handy tool for any traveler to keep safe and protected. | Photograph courtesy of Covidone

As the world prepares to put Covid-19 in the rear view mirror, countries are reopening borders and lifting travel restrictions once again and after hunkering down for more than two years, droves of Filipino travelers are flying out to visit — and revisit — their happy places here and abroad.

However, the burgeoning optimism about the end of the pandemic must be tempered with cautious enthusiasm. The crisis may now seem like a distant memory but the deadly virus that caused it is still out there, mutating and possibly threatening our best-laid plans for economic recovery.

With SARS-CoV-2 a potential blight in our travel plans, footloose Filipinos are understandably wary. How to stay safe while taking selfies is just one of their concerns. Considering the current context of caution vis-à-vis going all the way out, there are four top ways a traveler can protect themselves from Covid-19.

Visit places with tighter restrictions

We know this sounds counterintuitive. After spending all this time prepping for your trip, why would you want to go somewhere with tighter restrictions? Well, the answer is simple — those places are also less likely to have high Covid-19 cases.

Luckily, there are places that offer great tourist attractions while being protective of locals and guests. In the Philippines, Baguio is one popular destination where precautionary measures are strictly enforced. Countries like Canada and Vietnam are relatively safer, along with those you’ll find by checking out travel websites. Visiting a place with tighter restrictions might be tedious but will ultimately give you peace of mind.

Keep wearing masks

It might be tempting to remove your mask, especially in many places across the globe where wearing one is no longer mandated. But if you want to keep Covid-19 — and other deadly microbes — at bay, the mask has to stay on while navigating those Instagrammable spots in your bucket list.

Limit the night life

For some people, this might be non-negotiable. Getting to party in cities and countries far from home is one of the most popular reasons young people travel — such as Oktoberfest. But if shunning Covid-19 is your concern, you might be better off without crowded bars and densely packed clubs, where booze and rowdy crowds are a lethal formula for contracting Covid-19.

For a change, why not trade those party places for museums, art exhibits, outdoor parks and nature sites? Going on a food crawl is not a bad idea, too.

Use protective throat spray

The undeniably best ways to keep oneself protected, especially when traveling, are being properly vaccinated, wearing masks, and staying socially distanced. However, while these provide ample protection, we could use another layer of protection against Covid infection — the sort antiseptic throat sprays provide.

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