Same-sex marriage a mortal sin in Islam

Muslim clerics expressed deep antipathy, if not condemnation on the position taken by the senator.

September 9, 2022

The Senate has this time-honored ritual of asking one of the members to perform the opening prayer at the start of every week’s session. It is a common practice in legislative bodies. Some naughty minds claim that their devotion to their mandate is perhaps not steadfast; hence, the need to seek the guidance and blessing of God Almighty.

Last week, Senator Robin Padilla led the prayer. But the good senator, a Muslim convert instead performed the “adhan,” a call to prayer for Muslims normally intoned in the hallowed chamber of mosques, not in the halls of Congress. It was historic and very impressive. I must confess it gave me chills and goose bumps watching the video clip. He does it with near perfect pronunciation (Arabic), accent, delivery, intonation, and right pacing. The video went viral in Moro social media platforms, earning him adulation of the Muslim community.

The timing of the event cannot be more propitious. It came at a time when the senator is embroiled in a controversy, which has ruffled feathers among Muslim clerics. He recently expressed publicly support to the bill legalizing same-sex marriage.

Did he or any of his advisers know that such union is considered a mortal sin by Islam, no ifs, no buts? Some tenets of Islam may be susceptible to hazy hermeneutics by religious “alims” or scholars, but not this one. The verses of the Holy Koran and Hadith al Shariff are categorical — it is taboo.

Muslim clerics expressed deep antipathy, if not condemnation on the position taken by the senator. Initially, this column was not inclined to take on the issue. But many readers — this column is turning into “Sumbungan ng Moro” corner — have persistently called, asking that they be heard.

Rappler reported that, “The grand Imam of Marawi City’s largest mosque denounced Senator Robin Padilla’s sponsorship of a same-sex civil union bill as he declared his and his followers’ withdrawal of support from the actor-turned-politician. Marawi Grand Mosque Imam Alim Abdulmajed Djamla said his group was strongly condemning Padilla’s sponsorship of Senate Bill 449, a proposed measure to institutionalize civil unions of same-sex couples and establish their legal rights.” He said that the proposed measure “is considered ‘haram’ (forbidden) based on Islamic laws and is tantamount to disbelief (Kufr).”

This column grants the senator the benefit of doubt about his real reason for embracing Islam. He is what Muslims popularly referred to as “Balik Islam,” or returnee to his former creed, Islam, on the assumption that many pre-Hispanic Filipinos had Islam as their religion before the Spanish conquistadores and friars converted them to Christianity.

To the uninitiated, conversion to Islam is very easy and simple. No elaborate ritual is required. One has only to recite publicly the “Shahada,” Islamic creed or oath declaring belief in the oneness (tawhid) of God and acceptance of Prophet Muhammad as His Messenger in the presence of witnesses. And that’s it, you become a Muslim, irrespective of your animus in embracing the faith. The issue of intention is between you and your Divine Creator. That’s the reason why the likes of Senator Padilla found ease on their so-called “Road to Damascus” to change their religion. His conversion took place when he was incarcerated in the national penitentiary.

Senator Padilla proclaimed to anybody who cared to listen and in many fora that he is a Muslim. Indeed, he has been pictured praying and attending mass Muslim congregations. He claims to be observing the fundamentals of Islam, like prayer (salah) five times a day, fasting (sawm) during Ramadan, hajj pilgrimage to Holy Mecca assuming the religious name, Abdul Aziz, and giving “zakat” or alms.

No, he topped the recent senatorial polls not because of the Muslim vote, although one cannot deny that Muslims voted for him. The Muslim vote was not enough to make him win as we know of the Iglesia ni Kristo command votes. His popularity as a thespian with the macho look, portraying hero roles in the mold of Erap Estrada and the deceased Fernando Poe Jr., endeared him to the gullible masa.

The question of faith and religiosity is an enigma known only to the believer and God. But is one’s faith tainted by a single transgression or omission of a religious tenet? “One swallow does not make a summer,” so says a poet.


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