Jolt and halt

During a strong earthquake, it is advisable for people to go to a safe place. Those inside a building should go outside to avoid harm from possible falling debris or the collapse of the structure itself.

Occasional earthquake drills involve taking cover under tables or the orderly evacuation of occupants and students from buildings while covering their heads with bag or any shielding object. They assemble away from buildings and into an open area where no falling objects can hit them.

The same action was taken by lawmakers in the small European state of Liechtenstein during a tremor last week.

A session was ongoing at the Landtag or parliament when the building shook. In a video of the debate shared on BBC News, Conservative Party lawmaker Bettina Petzold-Mähr was shown speaking when the camera shook a bit.

Petzold-Mähr reacted by smiling. Was it to hide her nervousness? As soon as the shaking subsided, a stronger quake occurred and totally erased the smile on Petzold-Mähr’s face.

Landtag president Albert Frick halted the session and they evacuated the chamber, according to Evening Standard.

The temblor was rather mild at 2.4 and 3.9 magnitudes, reported Euronews. Its epicenter was traced to the Austrian city of Dornbirn, 19 kilometers south.

The shaking was also felt in neighboring Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. Fortunately, no one was injured and no property was damaged.

Going back to the lady legislator’s initial reaction to the tremor, she smiled as she was speaking about earthquake insurance when the parliament shook by coincidence.

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