Life hacks for an easy-breezy 9.9 shopping spree

As a self-professed material ghorl, I continuously hone my skills in shopping for things on a very limited budget.

The need to spend more “efficiently” grows deeper each month as flash, double-digit, and payday sales relentlessly entice my materialistic ways.

The way e-commerce platforms are endlessly expanding their already wide array of services and offerings doesn’t really help alleviate the pressure inevitably placed on my spending habits.

(Cue TikTok voice) But they don’t know I know these hacks.

Don’t forget the vouchers. Shopping online can be exhilarating, especially if the price tag shows less than what the shopper thinks it would be. It gives the likes of us a form of contentment knowing that we don’t have to spend so much. However, vouchers are often overlooked in these cases.

Get your money’s worth through vouchers that offer cashback, free shipping, and discounts, among others.

SHOPPING is convenient with the competition of various e-commerce.

Schedule your check-outs. While e-commerce platforms ride the hype of double-digit and payday sales, they also often extend sale periods. Take note of the dates and be on the lookout for random sales for different kinds of items.

Shopee is already off with its year-end shopping season, starting with the 9.9 sale where consumers can score deals until 11 September.

Using ShopeePay on 9.9, buyers can maximize low prices on anything and everything under the sun. This includes a chance to get free 70 just by activating ShopeePay, earning up to 120 coins cashback by paying bills through the app, and getting up to 20 percent discount vouchers for just P1, among others.Lazada has also kicked off its year-ender. Starting with 9.9, which runs until 11 September, it offers deals like up to 90 percent off, free shipping, and stackable vouchers.

Shein’s 9.9 Mega Sale — which offers up to 90 percent off on select items, free shipping with no minimum purchase, and P99 flash deals — is until 13 September, giving people enough time to purchase pieces whether they’re for an occasion or for simply revamping the closet.

discover the latest chic fashion trends with Shein.

Play to win shopping credits. Shopping isn’t just a give-and-take situation for these platforms.

ShopBack presents its 9.9 ShopFest where consumers play to win via ShopBack Bingo until 12 September and can win a shopping spree worth up to P9,000.

Shopee’s Guess to Win in-app game gives one lucky winner P10,000 cash via ShopeePay.

Check reviews and ratings then check out. This is the ultimate rule in online shopping that tends to be forgotten most of the time (guilty!). While it can be infuriating to scour reviews, the opinions of actual shoppers are helpful most of the time. Trust me.

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