Flight fight


September 8, 2022

Family feud can be a noisy fight. One exception is that of two estranged Canadian brothers.

Bill and Charles Steele have never directly argued nor traded blows. It’s not surprising since they had lived in separate places and were not in speaking terms for 30 years already, according to the New York Post.

Bill is the mayor of Port Colborne, a city in Ontario of about 18,000 people located more than 20 miles west of Buffalo, New York. Charles lived in British Columbia.

The two are silently clashing as the mayor is running for reelection and his brother is challenging him. They are the only candidates in next month’s voting.

In separate interviews, Charles said he wants a fresh leadership for the city and disagrees with the mayor’s development plans. On the other hand, Bill touted his transparency and honest public service for the past 21 years. He never mentioned his rival’s name and New York Post quoted him as saying, “I’m here to get Bill Steele elected.”

If there is a cold war, like that of the Steeles’, there is also the confrontational and physical fight like that of two Air France pilots.

The French airline recently admitted suspending two pilots who figured in an altercation in June. The revelation was mentioned in a recent report of the French-language business newspaper La Tribune regarding authorities’ concerns on Air France’s regulatory compliance, according to CNN.

The fight that was somehow kept under wraps might have been unnerving for some airline customers as the two pilots exchanged punches right inside the cockpit of an Airbus A320 plane that they were flying from Geneva to Paris.

Air France, however, said the safety of passengers and crew at the time was not compromised as the captain and first officer were quickly pacified by a cabin crew.

The crew also stayed in the cockpit until the plane landed to make sure that a referee was present to keep the pilots calm.

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