Makati: UV Express prohibition relaxed

Binay called for a meeting with LTFRB to suspend its circular mandating point-to-point operation for UV vehicles

September 7, 2022

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board has lifted its no-loading and unloading policy for UV Express service vehicles in Makati City, Mayor Abby Binay revealed Tuesday.

Binay said that with the LTFRB decision, UV Express vehicles will be allowed to drop off and pick-up passengers at designated loading and unloading areas in the country’s premier commercial and business district for a period of three months.

“The suspension of the said policy will be until this November. It will give us ample time to study the situation on the ground and coordinate with LTFRB and other concerned parties regarding possible assistance and suggestions for implementing the memorandum,” she explained.

She then assured the public, especially the workers who commute daily to and from Makati, that the city has their best interest in mind.

Earlier, Binay called for a meeting with the LTFRB after receiving numerous complaints from commuters affected by LTFRB Memorandum Circular 2019-025 that prohibited UV Express vehicles from loading and unloading passengers in between their point of origin and destination.

The circular was in effect since 16 May 2019, making UV Express vehicles operate solely on a point-to-point basis at their designated terminals.

Makati officials from its law and public safety departments and the Makati Parking Authority met with LTFRB officials and the Ayala Management Corporation and the Makati Central Estate Association.

During the meeting, the parties agreed on the temporary suspension of the said directive in Makati City, taking in consideration the convenience of workers commuting to and from the city.

MACEA and APMC officers also agreed to collaborate with LTFRB and the city government in identifying official public transportation terminals at the Ayala Center to ease the traffic congestion in the financial district.

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