Kids shocked finding fetus

September 7, 2022

Police and barangay officials are sifting through closed circuit TV footage to determine and prosecute whomever it was who threw a stillborn or aborted baby into a heap of garbage in San Rafael Village, Navotas City.

“Whoever did this is heartless,” Raquel Almazan, a resident in the area, said on Tuesday, a day after the gruesome and traumatic discovery of the fetus by five playing children.

The kids stumbled upon a yellow plastic bag and promptly opened it, finding what they initially thought was a doll, according to barangay officials. They came running away, crying, upon realizing it was a dead baby they found.

“It’s like she’s just sleeping. Her face like an angel,” another resident told Daily Tribune.

The fetus, estimated to be seven to eight months old, was found at around 4 p.m. at the corner of Encarnacion and Francisco Streets, the police said.

Barangay and police personnel coordinated with the Navotas Action Center for the proper disposition of the body.

The police said they may file a case of infanticide against the one who disposed of the baby and also the mother, once they are identified.

The five kids who found the dead baby, meanwhile, may need counseling.

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