Freak accident kills hunter

September 7, 2022

BAGUIO CITY — Authorities disclosed a man accidentally shot and killed his fellow hunter after he thought that the victim was a deer at Mt. Alibut-tung, Bokiawan, Kiangan in Ifugao province.

Initial reports revealed that the incident happened in the morning of 5 September, but was only reported the next day, as the suspect decided to hide out of fear before going home and confessing to the accident.

The shooter was identified as Lener Layagon Tobiagon while the victim was identified as Fredie Ananayo Yogyog, both residents of Sitio Ampugpug in Bokiawan.

Investigation showed that the two hunters went to the forested area of Bokiawan to hunt at around 12:30 p.m. of 4 September and the next day, they decided to go home.

While they were headed home, they saw fresh footprints of wild deer so they decided to split ways to hunt the deer.

While on his watch, Tobiagon noticed that something was moving at the bushy area. Assuming that it was the deer creating the movements, he then aimed and shot his gun towards the bush.

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