Eyes open, dead

September 6, 2022

BAGONG SILANG, NAVOTAS–The old man died with his eyes open, unseeing but ones that vividly register the misery of his last reclusive years.

Bones and skin part clad in tattered clothes, his body was already stiff in lifeless cold when residents found him Sunday morning on Gov. Pascual Street in Barangay San Jose.

Navotas police chief PCol. Dexter Ollaging said the man was known only in the neighborhood as Dodong, who slept on the streets, rain or fair weather.

On Saturday morning, it poured; on Sunday morning, Dodong had a damp blanket over him as he slumped on the pavement, bearing coins, mainly 25 centavos that make up P10.

Police surmise he died from the cold as he was still alive the night before.

Forensic investigators said no external physical injuries were observed and possible foul play had been ruled out.

The police will establish the man’s identity to inform his family of his passing.

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