Mental health takes precedence in pandemic

I have been struggling with anxiety and the more I shrug it off, the more it gets serious

September 5, 2022

The global health crisis upended many people’s lives. It obliterated the routines, however mundane, that keep them levelheaded like dressing up and eating out.

It exacerbated the existing loneliness woes of many Filipino workers, just as it highlighted the socioeconomic divide all over the world.

While the crisis may seem to come to an end and life starts to normalize, it looks like many are still struggling with some form of mental health issues because of several reasons like financial concerns, job pressures, and even return-to-office blues.

Michaela Rosario, a 26-year-old copywriter from Mandaluyong City, is one of them.

“I have been struggling with anxiety and the more I shrug it off, the more it gets serious. At first, I could just ignore it, but then suddenly, the effects of this condition manifested physically. I got a severe migraine and difficulty in breathing,” she recalled.

“I wanted to consult with a professional but I do not know how and I am afraid that if people find out that I’m having therapy, they will judge me. I don’t think I will be ever ready for that,” she added.

Technology brings help

Quite simply, she doesn’t know when, where, or how to go for help. She only thinks to talk to a psychologist when their symptoms are already serious. She doesn’t know that mental health is something that needs to be taken care of every day.

Michaela said issues of stigmatization, lack of awareness, and poor accessibility to mental health services, are some of the barriers to proper mental health care.

Fortunately, thanks to technology, Michaela and other people with the same struggle can now access mental health care through their mobile phones.

To address the need for accessible mental healthcare, MindNation created the MindNation app, a one-stop shop for your holistic well-being needs. With the app, you can now take care of your well-being every day, any day.

The app not only gives access to 24/7 teletherapy services, but it also comes with a Daily Mood Tracker and WellBeing Quiz© that you can regularly track emotions and understand your state of well-being. Clinically based and data-backed, the results come with recommended ways to attain better states of well-being.

Mental health skills mastered

App users can also access MindED, an on-demand learning program that allows you to master mental health skills, develop good well-being practices and support your journey towards healing through audio/visual exercises, toolkits, and worksheets.

Since 2019, MindNation has helped over 200,000 individuals worldwide achieve the company motto of “Better Mind, Better You!” through comprehensive services like 24/7/365 online therapy sessions with psychologists and WellBeing Coaches, webinars, surveys and more.

“When mental health support is convenient and easily accessible, people are motivated to proactively take care of their mental health and make it a habit,” says MindNation Chief Impact Officer Kana Takahashi.

As of December 2021, the Department of Health estimated that at least 3.6 million Filipinos faced mental health issues during the pandemic, including depression, substance use disorders such as alcohol use disorder, and mood disorders like bipolar disorder.

The health department said Covid-19 infection in itself has been found to directly impact a person’s mental health.

Mental stability ensured

Last year, the DoH, in partnership with USAID RenewHealth Project launched the Lusog-Isip app, which means healthy minds in Filipino, meets people where they are — and puts mental health in their hands — literally.

After a year of development together with the DoH Mental Health Unit, the mobile app is now available to the public.

The app provides access to self-help and self-care resources to address mental health and substance abuse needs by inviting users to assess their well-being and their coping strategies. It then presents targeted resources and the next steps to improve that status.

Just recently, three companies under the Ayala Group have officially formed a consortium to become the country’s largest health technology player that will provide accessible healthcare to Filipinos through a one-stop health mobile application by early next year.

Globe Capital Venture Holdings, Inc., the corporate venture builder of the Globe Group, Ayala Healthcare Holdings Inc., the healthcare portfolio arm of the Ayala Group, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Vigos Ventures, Inc., and Salud Interactiva S.A. DE C.V. agreed to reorganize Global Telehealth Inc., HealthNow Inc., and APPPPS Partners Inc. to combine their respective applications into one so-called “superapp.”

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