Maybe give or take six months more or less, and she will become really irrelevant.

It has been well past five months since the elections, and president-reject Leni Robredo is so dazed and confused, perhaps because of how she was so trashed at the polls, that she is still campaigning until now.

And it’s so disgusting to still see her image and shallow bravura being plastered all over mainstream and social media, even when she is no longer relevant.

We wonder: Who is really calling the shots for the opposition, as, apparently, they still need Leni Robredo as their franchise despite the sound beating she got? Is it not clear to them that Leni can never be the one?

Maybe they are buying time and trying to consolidate, as well as scout for their new franchise model. And they just need Leni afloat in order to deflect the attention.

Which really brings us to why Leni can never really be a national leader.

She really does not have what it takes. She does not impose her own identity nor her own political stance.

She is really a difficult brand to sell, especially given how stupid she really is off camera, and whenever caught on video in unrehearsed or spontaneous moments.

She does not have control over her own political persona, unlike say Joseph Estrada, who intelligently parlayed his crass image as “Erap para sa Mahihirap,” which resonated powerfully all over the country.

Leni does not have the savvy economic grasp of a Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo nor the ferocity and rigidity of a Fidel Ramos to even scare criminals and syndicates.

Lastly, she never has that gift of gab or wit, like a Ninoy Aquino, nor the perceived motherly image of a Cory.

In all her actuations and posturings, she can never captivate our imagination, and we can never really understand what she wants to be other than looking so stupid.

And the way she continues to be branded now all the more fuels the hate in her. What’s with all of these PR stunts, like the Ateneo honoris causa and this Harvard exposure? Why do they want to ram down our collective consciousness that she is intelligent when she is really not?

Also, why try to look like an enthusiastic partner in the social welfare program of the PBBM administration, when during the campaign she was all negative and even boasted that the primary reason she ran for president is to prevent a Marcos from coming back? Is this not the height of hypocrisy?

At any rate, I really do not believe that this continuing exposure and contrived hype of Leni being assaulted on us Filipinos will ever tantamount to anything but more animosity and dread toward her.

Maybe give or take six months more or less, and she will become really irrelevant.

Because like what Forrest Gump likes to say, “Stupid is as stupid does.”
Mark my word.

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