Legarda condemns violence, terrorism

September 5, 2022

Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda on Monday clarified that she is against any form of violence and terrorism in the country.

“Just a point of clarification. Over the past week, we have heard from various sectors, who share our common goal of bringing true and lasting peace to our country,” Legarda said in her privilege speech. “I would like to state, in very clear terms, that I denounce, condemn all forms of violence and terrorism, and call for an end to armed conflict.”

Legarda had quite stirred a controversy after saying that there is nothing wrong with having different ideologies unaligned with those of the majority.

The senator is party to peace talks “built upon a genuine desire to come to an agreement, which are within our democratic framework and in accordance with all our laws.”

“Best way to achieve this is by building mutual understanding through good faith discussions, through which we can find that we have more that unites us than what sets us apart.”

The Air Force reserve assured her allegiance to the Armed Forces of the Philippines: “I will remain your ally in the Senate.”

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