Makabayan bloc supports Legarda’s speech on espousing leftist ideology

Photo courtesy of Senate PRIB

September 3, 2022

Members of the Makabayan bloc have expressed their support for Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda following her remark on Tuesday’s Senate session that there’s nothing illegal in espousing a leftist ideology.

“Amid machinated attacks by state-sponsored social media trolls and redtaggers, we stand with Sen. Legarda in calling for the resumption of peace talks,” the Kabataan Partylist said Saturday, 3 September.

According to the progressive partylist, it is a breath of fresh air for the Filipino youth to witness such an impassioned speech by a senator despite the dominating red scare hysteria proliferated by state forces under the previous and current regime, mainly through the NTF-ELCAC.

They pointed out that it is about time for democratic space in Congress to be exercised for rational discourse and not just to illogically parrot state propaganda on the country’s insurgency.

Kabataan also supported Legarda’s initiative to have the Senate review the Terrorism Law as they push for its repeal through their House Bill 253.

Legarda’s current stand for peace based on social justice, not on state terror, is what the new generation needs today, according to Kabataan.

“Filipino youth deserve a chance for peace, and we will fight for it despite the mad efforts of those in power to keep us blind and afraid. Fight for just and lasting peace!,” Kabataan said.

ACT Teachers Representative and House Deputy Minority Leader France Castro, meanwhile, stressed her support for Legarda’s call for the resumption of peace talks with communist rebels.

“To genuinely address the roots of armed conflict and achieve social justice, both parties should pick up where they left off and respect the previous agreements,” said Castro on Friday.

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