Jason Abalos and Vicki Rushton: Modern Filipiniana wedding

Photographs courtesy of niceprint photography Vicky Rushton was a regal bride in her Francis Libiran modern Filipiniana wedding gown.

Celebrity couple Jason Abalos and Vicki Rushton chose nude and earthly tones for their color palette, allowing their wedding event stylist FJ Sionson to set the tone for their nuptials with a Modern Filipiniana theme. “We’re leaning into the San Antonio de Padua Parish Church’s stunning architecture and the natural beauty of the surroundings. Inside the church, Fj used landscape-style floral runners composed of an assortment of white flowers and lush greens to line the aisle.

Jason Abalos and Vicki Rushton wed at the San Antonio de Padua Parish Church.

When it came to the bridal bouquet, Vickie had dreamt of designing her own. FJ assisted in preparing and guiding her to make her
lily-of-the-valley bouquet. Meanwhile, the entourage were provided with classic pamaypays decorated with brooch-style flowers.

The Filipiniana theme continued into the couple’s reception at Club Ananda.  The couple are from different provinces Fj shared. “Jason is from Nueva Ecija and Vickie is from Negros Occidental.”

Photographs courtesy of Niceprint photography
Wedding event stylist FJ Sionson set the tone for the celebrity couple’s nuptials with a Modern Filipiniana theme.

Both wanted their celebration to have a “coming home to your probinsya feels,” so they chose a modern Filipiniana theme.

“I wanted our beautiful couple and guests to feel luxurious but at the same time feel at home,” Fj shared. “So for the VIP and guests’ table, I used elements such as capiz balls, coconut shells, sepak balls, white flowers, and more.”

Centerpiece apt for a Filipiniana themed wedding.

Big capiz chandeliers, rattan mats, bamboo singkaban, string/drop lights, and more accent the ceiling for a luxurious view. Singkaban, in particular, will frame the reception’s LED screen, similar to how it’s normally used as welcome signage and decoration during down fiestas in Bulacan, where Fj is from.

For his vision of white floral, lush green, and native materials and textures, FJ is thankful to bring these ideas to life and wishes for nothing more than a great life ahead for Jason and Vickie. “I’m so fortunate to be part of this couple’s momentous event,” he said.

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