Extra healthcare hand for OFWs, families

(from left): Sean Argos, Maxicare PH CEO; Bjorn Pardo, Asistensi PH managing director; Dr. Andrés González, Asistensi executive chairperson; and Armando Baquero, Asistensi CEO.

September 3, 2022

It’s hard enough that overseas Filipino workers must leave their loved ones in order to make a living and provide for them.

Distance and the time difference add to the burden for these modern-day heroes who may not find easy access to their families in times of need.

Fortunately, technology continues to be an innovative platform for companies such as Asistensi to provide assistance no matter the distance.

Asistensi is a global digital healthcare company that just landed in the Philippines.

It offers digital end-to-end healthcare plans led by healthcare professionals with nearly two decades of experience in Europe and Latin America.

“The Philippines is a country with a lot of people and we know there are many families (that have) OFWs. Also, many have less than 10 percent of access to proper healthcare. A very important aspect is that around 50 percent of healthcare costs comes from their own pocket and that’s something we want to change,” said Dr. Andrés González, executive chairperson of Asistensi, during a media presser for its launch in the Philippines.

Photographs courtesy of asistensi

“Using the power of these OFWs who are already helping their families back home by sending remittances to aid their necessities, we bring an innovative new model of healthcare issues, particularly, emergencies. This is through our end-to-end healthcare service starting off with telemedicine all the way to hospitalization,” he added.

Asistensi partnered with Maxicare for this endeavor.

Maxicare CEO Sean Argos said in a statement, “We believe that the best healthcare should be convenient and accessible to all, especially to OFWs and their loved ones at home. Through this partnership, they can benefit from Maxicare’s network of accredited hospitals in cases of emergency.”

Asistensi boasts of broad plans and services as well as ease of access.

It can accommodate persons up to age 85, as well as those with pre-existing conditions and 24/7 services that are easy on the pocket.

Beneficiaries in need may ask for assistance through the Asistensi app or via +632-8280
-1066. They can expect doctors to assess their condition and advise what needs to be done.

Should hospitalization be necessary, Asistensi will also follow through.

For more information, visit asistensi.com.ph.

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