Reality check mid-2022

From where I stand, there is definitely more of a social life for myself, those around me and my community.

September 2, 2022

Victoria, Australia — On the third week of December last year, I began slowly easing into some of the things I used to do pre-March 2020.

Just a while ago, I was looking at my 2022 planner, which my artist friend Celeste Lecaroz gave me last year, and, nine months on, I amusedly found that it’s now full of notes, reminders, lists and things to do! I immensely enjoy the simple task of writing notes and am pleased that I have had enough entertainment, work, appointments and get-togethers to write about.

Gatherings are happening more often, even as they are purposely curated into catch-ups of less than 10 or a handful of friends or family members.

Work is done face-to-face, but I choose to continue wearing a mask whenever I’m out of my home and in public or crowded spaces. It’s still winter weather here, and influenza, RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, and other illnesses are going around, in addition to Covid-19.

SARS-CoV 2 active cases seem to be going down in our state compared to recent months, but a quick check of the numbers just last month and from a year ago is still cause to be vigilant.

As of the 25 August data, there were 18,496 active Covid-19 cases from PCR and rapid antigen tests statewide here. While in 25 August last year, there were 538 active cases in Victoria. One reason that might explain the higher number of cases this year is that many of the stringent restrictions imposed in 2021 are no longer in place. That and the wide availability of rapid antigen tests making it easier to detect SARS-CoV-2 even in the mildest of cases, which we previously might have dismissed as a common cold or cough, could be contributing factors.

Safeguarding one’s health on our third year of this pandemic is now left to individual responsibility for the most part and, for whatever reason one may have, many have chosen to go lax on health protocols.

I just hope the current active case numbers translate to herd immunity, although for how long I’m uncertain.

On the upside, I find reassuring that a greater number of people are now fully vaccinated and double boosted in most parts of the globe where I have family and friends.

From where I stand, there is definitely more of a social life for myself, those around me and my community.

Borders are slowly becoming more open to tourists and for me, after using the daily planner created and given by my good friend, I’ll finally be in the same time zone as her, and we’ve saved a date for a catch-up after three long years and then some!

September is well and truly here and there’s much reason to be hopeful. “Ber” months are looking mighty good again.

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