NPC probing smishing attacks

September 2, 2022

The National Privacy Commission has started its investigation on the explosion of unsolicited text messages to mobile phone users containing their names, a clear violation of their privacy.

The text messages are believed to be part of a short messaging system phishing operation or smishing possibly by hackers.

NPC Commissioner John Henry Naga said they are monitoring and investigating the complaints of mobile phone users. He said they met with telecommunications providers yesterday to ask the latter to heighten their security safeguards.

“We are also in coordination with the National Telecommunications Commission to share information and conduct concerted actions to the full extent of our respective mandates,” Naga said in a statement.

“Finally, the NPC shall hold an open, public webinar on 7 September 2022, where we shall discuss the risks and harms of receiving these text messages, the best practices to protect ourselves from being scammed, and other useful information that we can apply to our daily lives.”

Smishing victims are deceived into giving sensitive information to disguised attackers. Such an attack can be assisted by malware or fraudulent websites.

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