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Photographs courtesy of, ig/ angel locsin, and ig/ kathryn bernardo It girls like Angel Locsin and Kathryn Bernardo use Chanel.

September 2, 2022

Remember how everyone would be complimenting what Rihanna smells like? Many fans and other Hollywood celebrities raved about her iconic her scent which is also one of her most
significant flexes.

Sure enough, such interviews of celebrities about what perfume they use made people rush to open Google or your local perfume stores. Everyone favorite celebrities.

Don’t waste time and energy into hunting down your desired scents. Here’s a list of the top 4 fragrances to add to cart.

Photographs courtesy of ig/andrea brillantes and

Jo Malone

Sought-after celebrity crushes’ perfume collection would not be complete without mentioning Jo Malone. Out of most celebs, it is the most popular that is used both on the local and international scene. Scents in BlackBerry & Bay, English Pear & Freesia, and Orange Blossom are some of the favorites, similar to Andrea Brillantes and Liz Uy.

Le Labo Santal 33

The A-list of perfumes is Le Labo Santal 33, hailed as one of the celebrity’s holy grail scents. Alden Richards and Bea Alonzo approve of its unique, evocative scent and longevity.

Photograph courtesy ig/james reid
James Reid and his boy-next-door vibe with Bvlgari perfume.


Classic with the double C’s, Coco Chanel’s perfume is also a crowd favorite as it is the perfume of our favorite It girl icons; Angel Locsin, Kathryn Bernardo, and Georgina Wilson. If you want to smell sassy and classy at the same time, then Chanel’s Chance is the way to go.



If you prefer to be fancy, then Bvlgari is the perfume for you. Get the boy-next-door vibes with Bvlgari’s BLV that works as an ace for James Reid.

Stand out, not only with head turning fits, but with the extra splash of your signature scent.

 Photographs courtesy of and ig/ alden richards ALDEN Richards’ go-to perfume is Le Labo Santal 33.


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