Phl culinary heritage preservation bill filed

Senator Loren Legarda has filed a measure that seeks to develop and preserve the country's culinary heritage in recognition of the importance of the culinary tradition as a vital part of the nation's cultural heritage.

In her Senate Bill 244 or the Philippine Culinary Heritage Act of 2022, Legarda said that food is an essential part of Filipino identity and culture as it conveys the story of the country and unites the spirits of Filipino people despite the unique differences in food traditions in every region.

"The stakeholders of Filipino culinary heritage encompass the sectors of agriculture, tourism, and the culture and arts," said the lady senator.

She added that to preserve the country's culinary heritage and promote sustainable food security in the country, the measure will provide the necessary support for agriculture and fisheries, especially for small farmers and urban gardeners, to promote traditional cooking methods using heirloom ingredients, as well as to conduct food heritage and regional culinary identity mapping alongside identifying and recording tangible culinary resources using geographic tools.

Daily Tribune