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Expanded career progression system set for public school teachers



President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered an expanded career progression system for public school teachers in a bid to provide more opportunities for their career growth.

Duterte signed Thursday Executive Order No. 174 which revises and updates the system of career progression for educators and school administrators in public institutions, which is anchored on their qualifications.

“The expanded career progression for public school teachers is hereby established to promote professional development and career advancement among public school teachers and define the career lines of teachers within the public school system,” Duterte said.

“The system shall complement other career pathways for professional teachers outside the public basic education school system, as may be defined by the Professional Regulation Commission, and provide for equivalence in duties, recognition, and compensation for teachers choosing a career line,” he added.

Under the EO, the classroom teaching career line is as follows: Master Teacher I, Master Teacher II, Master Teacher III, Master Teacher IV, and Master Teacher V.

The school administration career line, based on the same order, is as follows: School Principal I, School Principal II, School Principal III, School Principal IV, and School Principal V.

Teaching professionals are required to attain the minimum qualifications and proficiency levels before advancing to the positions of Master Teacher I and School Principal I, according to the EO.

Meanwhile, the positions in the classroom teaching career line that are equivalent to the school administration career line are Master Teacher V – School Principal IV; Master Teacher IV – School Principal III; Master Teacher III – School Principal II; and Master Teacher II – School Principal I.

Duterte said switching from one career line to another is allowed “provided that the individual possesses all the necessary qualifications and expected competencies for the other career line.”

The President also ordered the creation of additional titles, namely, Teacher IV, Teacher V, Teacher VI, Teacher VII, and Master Teacher V.

These will be included in the index of occupational services, salary grades, and occupational groups, he added.

Provisions of the EO will take effect after publication in the Official Gazette or a newspaper of general circulation.

Duterte ordered the Civil Service Commission, Department of Budget and Management, DepEd, and Professional Regulation Commission to jointly formulate and issue the rules and regulations necessary for the implementation of his order within 90 days from its effectivity.