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Salons are viable businesses since a steady customer stream is assured with people needing haircuts regularly.

Aside from the proliferation of neighborhood barber shops, there are also hairdressing salons in shopping malls operated by ordinary entrepreneurs and celebrities.

The market, however, had become so saturated that some barber shops have come up with promotional gimmicks to stay competitive.

The owner of “Real cut 4” in Sejun Province, Thailand, for example, recently posted photos of beautiful women in sexy outfits posing as hairdressers serving male customers seated in a barber’s chair.

Prom Laksa, who happens to be the shop owner, was among the models, reported. The model customer was her boyfriend.

The photos went viral and Real cut 4 was deluged with inquiries and “crazy” messages from mostly males, according to the report. Customers also flocked to the barbershop either for a haircut or just to see Prom Laksa.

The gimmick was reportedly inspired by Thai hairdresser Nitchamon who also successfully promoted her mini salon by modeling for it herself when it opened last year.

In Bacolod City, local barber Garry Lozada came up with an enticing scheme of his own. His wife took a video of him cutting the hair of a customer and a reporter of GMA News. After the video was posted on her social media page, it went viral.

The next thing that happened was customers were lining up to Lozada’s JM’s Barbershop, waiting for their turn to be trimmed.

Some of the customers were not so eager to get a haircut though. They just wanted to get a hold of the microphone and sing the lyrics of songs played in the videoke screen inside the tiny barber shop while Lozada cut their mane.

Lozada’s “sing-along” come-on not only made his business good but it also made him famous on social media. As for the customers, they were happy to get a haircut while singing at a bargain price of only P50.