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Thank you, Art Tugade

Thank you for the fatherly care that you have given me and the rest of the DoTr family.



“It must be difficult to let go of something so beautiful.”

This was one of the more epic monologues in the classic hit movie “Pretty Woman,” when hotel manager Barney Thompson (played by Hector Elizondo) said it to billionaire Edward Lewis (played by Richard Gere) when he returned the diamond necklace that he rented for Vivian Ward (played by the vivaciously beautiful Julia Roberts).

This most memorable line has now dawned on me with this recent announcement that Secretary Art Tugade will now be leaving the Department of Transportation (DoTr). Indeed, I cannot help but now shed a tear, knowing that one of the most endearing and well-loved Cabinet members of the Duterte administration will now be bowing out of public service.

Now before I start grasping for words, let me convey my sincerest THANK YOU to SECRETARY ART TUGADE. Thank you for the fatherly care that you have given me and the rest of the DoTr family. You were really the pillar and foundation of our strength and success. Thank you for the laughs and the smiles and the tears.

Thank you for your dedication, labor and mentorship regarding our craft. You really brought out the best in each and every one.

Thank you for being able to change the culture, values and ways of doing things at DoTr — as in your very own words, “sa DOTr, t*#g-ina ang tamad, t*#g-ina ang corrupt!”

Thank you for harnessing our strengths and weaknesses, and enhancing our skills, wisdom, priorities, and values to make us proud corporate gladiators who are ready to fight for this country and its people.

Thank you for instilling that most cherished virtue of furthering our love of country. We know we did nothing less, all because of you. Thank you for making me a tougher woman in this highly competitive, sometimes toxic and mostly frenetic world that we live in.

Thank you, Secretary Art Tugade for all the accomplishments and the zeal and relentless commitment to surpassing expectations in all the transport sectors.

We really could not thank you enough, even though you would shun and dismiss the credit and say, insistently, that it has always been a team effort, and that most of the work was really done by the officers, staff and the stakeholders.

With your most sublime leadership style and consummate work ethic, the DoTr delivered. You are one of those who made “BUILD, BUILD, BUILD” an epic mantra of change and progress.

For this I say…