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Paying Tribute to Tita Helen



We celebrated a very special day a forthnight ago: The birthday of our second mom and my idol, everybody’s sweetheart, Consul Helen Ong! Of course, the fabulous and ageless beauty that she has always been, Tita Helen deserved a tribute to remember.

Indeed, it was a fun, fun, fun celebration complete with live music, raffle prizes, food and drinks. Everyone arrived in their fabulous outfits following the pink, red and fuschia dress code.Needless to say, everyone enjoyed the photo ops at the function room of Chef Jessie’s at Rockwell.

Ladies of Manila group, Mayenne Carmona, Chuchi Villar, Connie Haw, me and Linda Ley
Consul Agnes Huibonhoa.



Judith Tan, Eni Alba, Amelia Ting and Eimee Cragun.


Carolyn Tan and Joy Rustia.


Cocoy Cordoba and Becky Garcia.


Carol Mercado, Mache Torres Ackerman and Shelly Lazaro.


Chris Badiola and Dr. George Sarikinis.


Jing Sarao,Pia Lugtu, Chichi Laperal and Chef Jessie.


Oskie Ravanera and Lin Liboro.


Elizabeth Ventura, Brenda Ngo and Dr. Elsie Pascual.


Marissa Fenton and Anna Sia.


Consul Agnes Huibonhoa.


Eisa Mercado


Michelle Garcia


Jen Uy


Bo Muralla and Lilibeth Campos.


Malou Martinez


David Ackerman


Irene and Carlos Montemayor.


Alice Samson and Roi Philips.


Mhel Pechera and Jessie Maloles.

The program was hosted by the Masters of Ceremonies Bo Murallo and Cris Badiolo. Program highlights included a TikTok dance, awards galore, raffle with cash and prizes that all started with the letter H (like hanger and handkerchief), the last thanks to the generous donors.

We spent the rest of the party enjoying the Marci David Band which was care of Prima of the Year Mache Torres. With non-stop OPM, disco and ballroom music,
free-flowing drinks and prizes galore, we had a blast, but the most important thing was Tita Helen enjoyed herself, too!

The celebrator, Angola Consul, Helen Ong with her daughters Czarina Camus and Marian Nuguid with Ofelia Wadle.

The fantastic affair wouldn’t have been possible without Ofelia Nuñez Wadle, who initiated the idea and organized the event, too. Great job, dear, and to all the other organizers, thanks so much.

Everyone was so happy to pay tribute to our indefatigable Queen and make her happy. And before I forget, a very special birthday wish to Tita Helen from her phone pal and my favorite society editor, Jojo G. Silvestre. See? Everybody loves you, Tita Helen! And the whole world cannot deny that one true thing.


Photographs courtesy of Agile Zamora for the Daily Tribune