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Breakup bargain



Ripped jeans cost as much as brand new unripped versions these days. In fact, pants with holes that expose knees and thighs are even more expensive if they have signature labels.

Balenciaga is among luxury fashion companies selling bags, clothes and footwear at absurdly high price. Its worn-out canvass sneakers similar to Converse’s casual shoes even cost more than the untattered ones.

The standard (unripped) Balenciaga high-cut sneaker has a tag price of $625 or P33,000, a major broadsheet reported. The “destroyed” version sells for an insane $1,850 or almost P100,000 per pair, according to the report.

For rich patrons, that tag price is not bothersome. After all, only 100 pairs were made making them valuable collector’s item that can be worth more in the years to come. Nevertheless, some netizens were still dumbfounded how shabby shoes could cost so much.

It boils down to the seller. A Filipina housewife recently sold brand-new signature wearables with six-figure price at a bargain.

Among those she sold for a song were a polo shirt worth at least P6,000 and a pair of shoes originally bought for P25,000. Despite selling generously discounted clothing items, she still managed to raise P200,000 from the sale.

It didn’t bother her that the things she sold were not hers. A lawyer commented that her action constitute theft. But she was determined to get rid of all the expensive signature clothing of her husband after he left her and their children for another woman, KMJS reported.

She wanted to forget about her allegedly philandering husband and any reminders of him to ease the pain of their breakup. The bargained belongings also stressed his low worth to her.