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Vanity belly



Being not good-looking and out of shape may cause low self-esteem. To deal with it, some people resort to cosmetic surgery to fix their physical imperfections. But achieving the desired beauty can have its trade-off.

American vlogger Bunnie DeFord of Nashville, Tennessee underwent breast augmentation in 2006. Over the years, the host of the Dumb Blonde podcast, started suffering symptoms of the so-called breast implant illness (BII). Pain, inflammation, skin rashes, hair loss, brain fog, joint aches, digestive issues and fatigue are some of the symptoms sickness, according to New York Post.

Discomfort aside, DeFord said she developed anxiety to the point that she couldn’t last staying long in a crowd or outside. She also outgrew her emulation for big-breasted actress Pamela Anderson and wanted to revert to her own natural physique and self.

In 2019, DeFord decided to undergo explantation or the removal of her breast implants. In a recent TikTok video recalling the experience, she stressed that the explant procedure was a good and right decision as her BII symptoms disappeared after the surgery.

The video also shows how the removed implants that DeFord preserved in a Ziploc with saline solution look like. She believes the globs of orange mold floating in the liquid caused the BII and warned others to be careful.

She called her breast explant “one of the most liberating and freeing things you can do for your body,” the Post reported.

Meanwhile, a British guy resorted to a more practical method of developing six-pack abs. Growing tired of working out for years without progress in flattening and toning his belly, he went to artist Dean Gunther in Manchester.

In just two days and five hours per daily session, the pudgy Sebastian got his solid abdominal muscles, Mirror reported. The 34-year-old Gunther showed it in a TikTok video that went viral.

Aside from getting it free, Sebastian’s six-pack tattoo will be permanent with no need for sit-ups and gym visits to maintain it.