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DFA careful in classifying crimes vs Pinoys



The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Friday said it is careful in determining crimes against Filipinos in the United States (US), whether classified as harassment or hate crimes.

During the virtual presser with Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary JV Arcena, DFA Assistant Secretary for Migrant Workers’ Affairs Paul Raymund Cortes said the Philippine Consulate in New York reported there are about 39 documented cases of harassment of hate crimes against Filipinos in the US.

“So far, in our meeting with the Philippine Consulate General, there are about 38 or 39 documented cases. First of all, we need to understand, what is it, is it a hate crime or is it just harassment or just a (ordinary) crime. Because sometimes suppose, you know, you’re kicked or spit on, it’s classified only as harassment,” Cortes said.

“But when it is said that you go home to your country, go back to China or go back to the Philippines, well, you are targeted not as a person, as your race, that’s it which is classified as a hate crime.

That is why the consulate and the government are also very careful to determine that these crimes are not just harassment, if not hate crimes, because they are targeting Filipinos,” he added.

Cortes explained that the Philippine Consulate and the US government are assisting Filipinos who are victims of such crimes, and they also provide psycho-social health or therapy to the victims.